A Modest Compilation of Election Frauds

14.04.2017 | 18:05

Many have pointed out the absence of widespread fraud and irregularities at April 2 parliamentary elections.

The SUT.am team decided to compile a modest collection of video evidence of election fraud. The collection both includes cases of election irregularities pointed out by various media, as well as violations fixed by our journalists and observers through cameras at the polling stations.

Note that this is just a small fraction of the violations. We still do not have full footage of video cameras in all polling stations and were able to study only a small fraction.


  1. A whole bouquet of controlled and open voting in the Zolakar village of Gegharkunik

    55-60 people at the polling station at the same time at the same Zolakar village… Some of them are closely watching the voting booths

  1. A case of 3 people voting simultaneously at the same Zolakar polling station
  2. A case of violation of secret ballot at Astghadzor village of Gegharkunik region

  3. A case of controlled voting (violation of secret ballot) at Sarigyugh village of Tavush region
  4. Violation of voting procedures, cases of directed voting and violation of secret ballot at Yerevan’s Shengavit administrative district

  1. Controlled voting at Ayrum village of Tavush region
  2. Violation of secret ballot, and other individuals around the voting booths at Koghb village of Tavush region
  3. Assisting the voter to cast their vote turns into voting instead of another person in Artashat
  1. Head of one of the polling station in Chambarak partakes in the Republican party campaign.
  2. Two voters in the voting booth in Sevan (1:20)
  3. In Chambarak, a proxy enters the voting booth (2:00). Unidentified men control the voting citizens in Sevan (2:55 and on), in Chambarak an unidentified man closely watches the voter above the voting booth and says “Well done,” while the Police witnessing this situation keep silent. (3:30 and on)
  4. Cases of open voting in Artashat, which are not registered
  5. Cases of controlled voting and other frauds in Yerevan, Ararat, Gegharkunik, Lori, Kotayk, Shirak, Vayots Dzor regions.
  6. “Vote for 2nd person of list number 6” directed voting in Yerevan’s Datvashen administrative district
  7. Camera behind the voting booths in Yerevan’s Central administrative district
  8. The proxy has “assisted” and directed a voter in Yerevan’s Shengavit administrative district
  9. A case of open voting in Yerevan’s Nork-Marash administrative district
  10. Hindering the work of a journalist in the Center of Yerevan
  11. Cases of controlled voting in Etchmiadzin
  12. 104 unstamped ballots made “valid” in Etchmiadzin
  1. Doors, activity, police instead of walls behind the voting booths (1:45 and on). The Radio Liberty correspondent who pointed it out was impeded and cursed at (5:00 and on) in Chambarak
  2. (1:05) A camera right above the voting booth in Yerevan’s Arabkir administrative district

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